"Gorgeous Woman, Impeccable Wit and Poise, Book Today! To all my fellow clients out there, let me tell you, if you do not experience some time with Cheyenne, you have not lived yet. From the quick response to my request to book to the time we said goodbye my experience with Cheyenne was an amazing adventure and one I plan on undertaking again. As a first time client she worked with me on being a newbie with my screening and in our time together made everything so smooth, comfortable, and thrilling! Seriously, book some time with her ASAP!" - JoshGingerman via PD



"Exceptional time!... Cheyenne is a wonderful person. She is an excellent conversationalist and she is very approachable. I met her a few weeks ago in Southeast Minnesota. Her skills and body are of the chart. I booked a 2 hours appointment but I should have made it longer. She take all precautions to make the meeting safe and enjoyable for both of us. I can’t recommend her enough. No doubt that I will see her again..." - Kenlog via PD

"It was quite amazing to meet such a beautiful person. She was humble, sweet and talkative. She know how to make to laugh, moan etc. I might ending up meeting her every other week. She is too attractive and sexy. Happy to see that she is taking all precautions before meeting makes you feel secure as well. She is very good at creating comfort in the couch and very amazing in the bed. Try to book for 2 hours 🙂" - SomeDarshan via PD



"This was probably one if the best times I have had with a provider. If all we had done was converse the whole time, I would have not been disappointed. This was the fastest two hours of my life. had I known just how wonderful she was going to be, I would have booked more time. If you see her and find yourself disappointed in the least, go look in the mirror, the one at fault will be looking back at you. I can't thank her enough for the privilege of her company. Provided she is graceful enough to let me, I will return." - UncleWalt via PD

"I was looking for a very special woman. What I found was quite simply the 8th wonder of the world! Attractive, charming, funny, intensely intelligent and all around beautiful of heart and spirit. I felt at home every minute we were together. Cheyenne exceeded my expectations in every way. I will see her again." - Miles S.

"Cheyenne went above and beyond then what I was expecting! I recommend checking her out and seeing for yourself." - Joe

"After 3 months of trying to get free to see Cheyenne I finally met her. Wow is all I can say. She is absolutely fabulous and I had a wonderful time. Will definitely will be repeating again and again." - G

"Cheyenne has a knock out body, prefect curves, just beautiful, a mans dream, Just stunning. Right away she made me comfortable. First time meeting her. Do not waste you money anywhere else. She is the ticket, there is no bullshit, no drama, right down to business. I will she her again no doubt in my mind. Prefect girl. " - Jason P.

"With all due respect to Kiss; you wanted the best, you got the best ... the hottest provider in the Twin Cities - Cheyenne! Easy screening and scheduling, very friendly with a great personality, and a body that's absolutely flawless. Without a doubt, Cheyenne is the best the Twin Cities has to offer. " - Jon O.