Please review thoroughly before booking. Thanks for understanding ❤️


- Contact me or book online when you wish to meet. Same day & pre-booked appointments are accepted
- Provide references (if applicable) from previous providers in addition to your initial piece of screening. This is very helpful!
- Reach out in a tactful, respectful manner if further communication is necessary
- Respect my time and efforts and do not cancel after booking (24-hour notice required & cancellation fees apply)
- Arrive clean and showered. Good hygiene is a major plus
- Feel free to request outfit & beverage choices

- Let me know if you have an allergy or are sensitive to perfumes, candles, lotions etc


- Text few word inquires such as "hey", "you avail", "sup sexy" etc
- Expect an appointment if you refuse screening, are disrespectful etc

- Request to use me as a reference if it has been over 6 months since we last met
- Use vulgar or descriptive language in your communication with me
- Book if you are unsure of your schedule or willingness to actually meet
- Discuss details of meetings with my other colleagues unless they have given you permission
- Do anything you think might make me feel uncomfortable & lets have fun instead!


- 100% safety at all times. Screening is required for all new friends

- 100% discretion

- Open communication

- Timely response
- A clean, fresh, well-kept person

- Dressed and ready for any occasion 

- Accurate site and information about me
- A warm, welcoming, professional demeanor
- A clean, safe incall location
- A wonderful experience